Week 7-9 and Phimosis Resolved

Slight Setback with the Foreskin Stretching Kit

Firstly, I feel the need to apologise for my sporadic blog posting. It seems that I have become a machine dedicated to my employer and have neglected non employment related interaction in return for my pitiful wage.

To recap on my progress of resolving my phimosis following my previous post, I am really pleased with how it’s gone. There have been times of frustration when I feel like I haven’t been progressing, but thankfully I remained persistent (largely due to the fact that I am so afraid of being circumcised).

In week 7-8, I seemed to reach a plateau with the phimocure kit. It felt as though I could not move up a size no matter how much I tried. The 9th ring seemed to grip the skin so would not expand when I tried to fit it. This led to more and more frustration. Surely I would not need to go ahead with circumcision after such positive results so far…

I had previously read about using olive oil with skin stretching, so thought I’d give it a go. Phew what a relief, just a drop on the phimosis ring was all that was needed. It takes a bit more practice to fit due to being slippery but they expand easily and feel more comfortable with it.

So I was back on track and three days later was ready to try number 10. Here we go…owww!!! it was not to be, I settled for ring 9 for a couple more days to ensure that it was completely loose before making the same mistake again. Thankfully progress continued and I was able to move up through the final sizes without too many issues:

Tight foreskin relief

Stretching ring 10, progressing well!

The final size before retraction

The final Phimocure ring now fitted!


So time has ticked by, and I can sense the question you are thinking ‘did you manage to resolve it!!?’ My answer is absolutely ‘YES’ and I am so relieved that I did so without having to go for surgery.

I couldn’t bear the idea of going to the doctor and discussing it, never mind having to sit in front of a hundred and one nurses (an exaggeration perhaps but still very embarrassing). Thankfully, the prospect of needing to go to the doctors about it is now in the past, as I am now able to completely retract my foreskin without pain.

Phimosis resolved, complete retraction of my foreskin

Hurrrayyyy! My fully retracted and comfortable foreskin!


Foreskin Stretches from the beginning to end result


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13 thoughts on “Week 7-9 and Phimosis Resolved

  1. Is the “after” picture the final result? It looks mine now, awaiting my phimocure kit. It looks like you have the foreskin tight below the glans. My goal is to be able to retract fully, with no bunched up skin. Did you continue after this?

      • Hi Rocky I just noticed your comment as it was marked as spam. My shaft hasn’t changed size at all but the glans is much wider with the foreskin retracted. You can prob see if you compare the beginning to end pics

  2. Does your skin retract by itself when erected ? Or do you have to pull it yourself ?
    When it’s fully erected and the skin is retracted, do you have a sensation of tightness whatsoever ?

    • I have to pull it back unless during intercourse (it retracts by itself then and that’s a great thing)

  3. Hi, my main problem is that I have tight foreskin when it’s retracted so it doesn’t go back smoothly like ‘’Kcic’’ said. Somehow I can retract it but I have difficulty unretracting it, especially after I ejaculate (guess it’s because glans become bigger). You think trying to widen my phimotic band with phimocure kit will help me cure it?

    • Hello yes you’ve described a mild case of phimosis there so you should be able to sort it quickly

  4. Thank you for sharing your experience, I want you to let you know how your bravery helped me and I think many men. I will, because of you take the next step.
    Thank You.

  5. Did you continue to larger sizes after this? My phimosis is lower down and harder to position the rings, it’s difficult to do but getting there. Do you have any tips to position it?

    • Hi I don’t need to use them anymore as it’s resolved. I just have to retract when I have a daily shower and that’s enough to prevent it from returning. You need to pull back the foreskin during fitting to position the tight area right at the tip of your penis then fit the ring

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