Week 2 of Phimosis Stretching

So having received the phimosis treatment kit I feel more reassured that I will be able to tackle the problem.

It looks like it could help

A foreskin stretching kit | Week 2 | Phimosis Cure

The Phimocure phimosis treatment kit. Containing Stretching rings and skin softening cream

It was slightly fiddly in the beginning but I seem to have got the hang of it! I’ve started on ring number 4

Phimosis home treatment

Phimocure ring number 4 fitted


Progress to larger sizes


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2 thoughts on “Week 2 of Phimosis Stretching

  1. Hi
    I buy a phimocure kit few days ago but i don’t have news so i would know how many time it takes to arrive?
    Thanks for the blog i didn’t want to lose my foreskin :p

    • Hi Yamihate thanks for reading my blog. I think they state 1 week if within the UK or 2 weeks for other countries. Just email them if you havent received it though, they seem pretty helpful. You’re wise to try stretching as surgery seems to be unneccessary for most people. Good luck with it!

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