Week 3 Showing How Foreskin Stretches Can Help

Making Progress with my Foreskin Stretching Rings

Well following the bumpy start I seem to be making good progress since I started to use the Phimocure kit thankfully.

Not without a minor hiccup however! In typical haste I decided that a longer duration would be better, so wore a ring all afternoon. This caused me to become slightly sore. I guess we can not rush the adaptation process no matter how much we want to, so I will keep to the guidelines of wearing a ring for 3 times 1 hour per day.

Despite my hasty set back I have moved up to ring size 6, and hope that I will be ready to move up again soon. I’ll probably give it another day or two with ring 6 however! I expect that the progress will begin to slow down as I move up through the sizes, but for now I’m really positive that I’ll resolve my phimosis without circumcision.

The foreskin stretching ring inserted

Phimocure Ring 6 fitted. Skin is in better condition since applying the cream more regularly


Further progress to the next sized phimosis stretching rings


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