Phimosis Reoccurrence

Im back again, thankfully without a hugely difficult task.

3 weeks ago I used a new type of soap to wash my penis. Unfortunately for me I seemed to have a reaction to it and now my foreskin has become tight when erect. It wouldn’t be such a big deal, however I cannot for the life of me find my Phimocure rings.

I have just emailed Phimocure to ask if they’ll be kind enough to send me a couple of sizes without having to buy a whole kit again. I’m pretty sure I can fix the issue in 2 or 3 days but need the rings as stretching by hand seems to give zero improvement.

I’ll update on what they say, and if they can’t help me out, I’ll buy another set and get cracking with it again with updates to help you guys out.

3rd December 2019 Update

The reply from Phimocure:

Hi Ian

Thank you for your email. Rather than risking sending unsuitable sizes, we will send you a complete kit. It would be interesting to hear your comments on the new designs if you wouldn’t mind updating us. We have had very positive feedback so far.


So great news, I haven’t had to shell out my hard earned cash! I know it’s not breaking the bank but it’s always nice to get stuff for free!

I will wait patiently and post an update soon.

19th December update:

Kit arrived early this week and just got around to having a look at it.

It’s changed quite a bit since the early Phimocure kit!

Phimocure foreskin stretching products

Contains 20 phimosis rings, a foreskin stretching tool and phimosis cream

It now has 20 phimosis rings, the cream within the kit is the same but they have kindly sent a tube of additional cream which I haven’t yet tried.

Phimosis cream, anti inflammatory.

Anti inflammatory phimosis cream. States that skin elasticity will improve for up to 48 hours following application.

There’s a forcep device included for manual stretching and to remove the rings (I remove them without any issues by hand but I guess they could be fiddly with the really small sizes). It’s good quality, made from pressed stainless steel, and has an etched Phimocure symbol. It’s squeeze to close and release to open, so like a reverse forcep type device. You can adjust its tension by opening or closing it before use. I won’t use it for stretching but it would probably be helpful in some cases.

Phimosis stretching tool

Forcep type tool for foreskin dilation. Shown partially open.

Phimosis stretcher shown closed.

Phimosis tool squeezed to close.

The main difference which I’m excited to try (yes I don’t get out much) is that some of the rings have a recessed rim so that it doesn’t press on the frenulum. According to Phimocure this helps significantly by promoting improved oxygenation and comfort. So blood circulation to the tip of the foreskin and frenulum should be optimised with this. We will see!

Their kit now includes sizes for pinhole phimosis too. I didn’t understand how they worked until I read more about them:

Sizes under 9mm can’t be folded as they’re just too small, so the pinhole sizes have a crossed edge instead of a continuous rim. So instead of folding to fit them, you have to tilt to 45 degrees, and twist to insert. Easy!

Instructions for pinhole phimosis cure

Instructions show tilt to 45 degrees and twist to fit.

This helps to explain a bit more about the progressively firmer grade rings. The small sizes, have to flex more to allow them to be pulled out to remove when they cannot be folded!

Pinhole phimosis stretching ring

Pinhole phimosis ring shown with crossed edge to allow twist to fit.

Pinhole phimosis ring being stretched

Showing how flexible the small phimosis rings are: they just keep stretching!

Thankfully I don’t need the small sizes, so I’ll start stretching this evening with a large size and test the new cream. Hopefully I’ll be back to easy retraction by Sunday (maybe optimistic but I can try).

Update 26th December

So all has gone as planned, my phimosis has resolved again thankfully. I just need to make sure I don’t do anything silly to cause balanitis again.

My review of the new phimosis rings is positive. Comfort was amazing, I can only assume that this is due to the new design not pressing on the frenulum? But whatever the reason it’s been really positive and I’ll gratefully accept it. I liked the phimosis cream, it seems to provide a skin barrier and seems to keep the skin nicely conditioned. No irritation at all in the few days I needed to use the kit for, so overall I’m really impressed.

Phimocure phimosis ring fitted

Showing the new phimosis ring fitted, with frenulum notch correctly positioned.

Foreskin stretching ring fitted

Front view of fitted phimosis ring. Frenulum notch is directly below the lowest point of the urethra.


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10 thoughts on “Phimosis Reoccurrence

  1. Hi there,

    First of all, thank you so much for recording your progress and showing your success story. It makes me much more comfortable with my choice of sticking with phimocure. I have a few questions if you don’t mind! (not sure if you still check this site but it’s worth a shot!)
    1) How often do you apply the phimocure cream (the one in the tin is the only one that came with the one I ordered). Do you apply it once a day, every time you stretch, etc?

    2) Did you ever have an issue with the foreskin drying out over night or being cut when you put the ring in? Wondering because I am stuck on ring 4 because the opening is kind of drying out/skin is healing over.

    3) Was there a lot of pain every time you went up in ring size or was it just a temporary sting? I have been on ring 4 for about 2 weeks now because going up to ring 5 is extremely painful the whole time it’s in, and not just when it is initially inserted.

    Again, thank you for your help!

    • Hello,thanks for reading! I used the cream every day before going to bed. I didnt have any problems with skin drying out or cracks, it sounds like you need a more regular moisturiser. Try applying olive oil every day to keep the skin nourished, I think youll find your progress will continue if you do this. When I moved up sizes, I did it after being in the bath for 30 minutes, as I’d read this as a tip previously.
      Hope it goes to plan!

  2. Hi, just found out I have phimosis, and found that stretching is a successful cure, was thinking of getting the phimocure kit. Is it discrete in the post? Don’t want my parents to see anything obvious, also thanks for making this blog, it definitely gives me hope.

    • Hi I’m probably a bit late with this sorry but yes it’s discreet it just had my name and address on. You could ask them to remove all instructions etc from inner packaging if there a risk it could be opened

  3. I know this post is a little older, but did you have any extra sensitivity on your glands once they were exposed? Pain or anything like that when touched or having sex?

  4. Any extra sensitivity on the glands now that they are exposed? Like rubbing on clothes or touching them.

  5. Hi, my doctor said I don’t have phimosis or frenulum breve but I would like to stretch my foreskin (also my frenulum) a little more so I can see the glans fully when erect and feel more comfortable when trying to retracting it. He just told me that I didn’t need to have any surgery, he just recommended that I use a lot of lube, so maybe I want something more for comfort and maybe aesthetics.

    I was very inspired reading your blog until I got to this page, could you please answer a question?
    About this reocurrence of phimosis, were you able to “cure” completely finally? Also, how can a soap reverse progress?

    • Hi yes I’ve completely resolved it now (hence the reason I haven’t been active on here sorry!). If a soap contains too much perfume or strong ingredients it can cause irritation

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